Zil Castle a Byzantine and Ottoman Empire Outpost for the Silk Road

Updated: Dec 13, 2017

A castle or an outpost, Zil Castle (Zil Kalesi) is standing alone on the west bank of the Storm Valley, Black Sea Region. Since it was on the Silk Road the function of the castle was to take security of the territory together with Castles Bala and Ciha which are in the same region and not far to each other. With its eight watchtowers it was watching out for the possible up coming threats. Zil Kalesi was built during the Reign of Byzantine Empire (Justinian I) by the Empire of Trebizond (Trabzon / Turkey). After the Fall of Constantinople and the conquest of the region by the Ottoman Empire, the castle was used again for military purposes.

The castle is situated on an altitude of 750 meters from the sea level and 199 m from the stream down the valley. The entire castle consist of four floors and has arched windows and loopholes. The walls are constructed so that an intention to conquer the castle should fail in first attempt. Therefore, there are outer walls, middle walls and inner walls.

Zil Kalesi is located in the Kackar Mountains which is within the Kackar Mountains National Park. It is 12 km far from Camlihemsin village and the access is very easily by car. Toru can be taken starting from city Rize in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

The Castle has been renovated in 2008 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Turkey.

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