Windmill standing against the wind of Cunda

Windmill at teh Lovers Hill at Cunda Island

One of the most popular holiday destinations of Turkish citizens is Ayvalık. Especially in the summertime, it is attracting many families who are exhausted from working during the whole year and are in the holiday mood. People who are living in Istanbul and other nearby cities have their summer houses in this region. Therefore, it is the desired destination for the weekends and short vacations during the year.

It is situated in the western Aegean region which is a rich part of Turkey where agriculture, Turizm, and mining play a big role. Surrounded by the Kaz Mountain (Mount Ida, Homers Iliad), this region is hosted of many ancient ruins like Pergamon Ancient City in Bergama, and Assos in Çanakkale (Gallipolli). Many travelers will for sure find an occupation for themselves for what they are interested in, the region is a good destination for hikers, campers, windsurfers (wind forecast for Ayvalık), and history lovers especially for Mhtyology lovers, and Battle of Gallipoli.

Coming back to our photo, the windmill was taken from Cunda Island which is known also as Alibey Island. The island is connected to Ayvalık with a bridge and it is easy to access. once it was a Greek Island which after the Convention Concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations in 1923 became Turkish.

While walking within the island the Greek influence can be seen everywhere combined with the new Turkish daily life. A part of the narrow streets where old greek houses have been changed to cafe's, restaurants, houses we suggest to visit the following places, the Taksiyarhis Church which is now a museum of extraordinary old items and children toys, the Lovers Hill where our windmill photo has been taken. The Lovers is the highest point of the island where the whole island can be seen at a 360-degree angle.

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