The most beautiful Atlantic Road in Norway

Updated: Oct 30, 2017

The Atlantic Ocean Road which is also known as the "Road in the Ocean" is 8,3 kilometers long in Norway. The road is a section of the Norwegian national road 64. It is an unique driving journey and you feel your self like in a roller coaster close to the amazing power of the Atlantic Ocean.

The road is considered as the most beautiful road trip in the world with the combination of nature and modern road engineering. The astonishing natural sorrounding gives the road an additional beauty in all seasons.

After six years of hard work the road oppened in 1989, it takes you whether you are in a car or motorcycle even on foot through islands, moorland, cultural landscape and bays. Because of its location weather conditions can change in few minutes. You can have a sunny day at the beginning of the road while coming to the end you can leave it in Storm, strong wind and sudden temperature drops.

Norwegian call the Road "Atlanterhavsveien", it has seven bridges and you are moving like a snake over the islands to the other side. It is a must see places and must do experience once in life.

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