Orange Flower Carnival in Adana

April is the most beautiful season in Adana / Turkey.

Adana is a city of Turkey which is situated in south part of the country. In the north in it is facing the Taurus Mountains and in the south the Mediterrenean Sea. With a car ride of 30 minutes you can reach either the mountainsor the seaside. Adana, is the 4th largest city of Turkey and is famous for Agriculture, Textile, traditional cuisine and Hosptallity. The Original Kebap comes from this city. The cuisine is so famous that many tourist are going to visit this city only for its dishes. When your are going to visit, do not miss to eat Adana Kebap, Cezerye, Melons.

Since the climate is suitable for citrus growth Adana is one of the important cities of Oranges and other citrus plants and fruits.

Now it’s orange blossom season in Adana. The city turns into an incredibly beautiful climate and you can enjoy the spring season with joy. The weather is neither cold nor hot and you can wear your short sleeved shirts and go out on the streets. While walking through the streets of Adana with its warm and friendly people, the amazing smell of orange blossom will icrease your emotions and feelings around all the day as the soft breeze blows from every part.

The Adanian people (called Adanalı in Turkey) are coming back, no matter where they live abroad or within Turkey, to the city from every part of the World whenever it’s orange blossom season. Once a year Adana is coming back to its origin and refilling its power for the whole of the year.

The days of the orange blossom season varies depending on the climate, generally the blossom timing is in month April therefore the carnival is held in this month. Adana is celebrating the 7th Carnival which will be held during the 3-7 of April.

Book a trip to the city. You can reach Adana with direct flights from Istanbul (Turkish Airlines, OnurAir, Pegasus Airllines) which will take only 1 hour and 15 minutes. You will be amazed of the hospitality and particular days of the carnival in Adana. Orange blossoms will be at their peak, so that you can share this unforgettable memory.

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