Jamon Serrano y Cerveza, the best what you can eat and drink after a long sightseeing in Madrid

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

It is a must try for everybody while visiting Spain. I am sure you will like it and don't miss to taste it during your whole stay in Spain. Generally, it is served sliced with some oven backed bread, black and green olives. As drink, it depends on your preference, a beer or  a cup of spanish red (vino tinto) wine. When you are visiting the bars which are serving this type of food you will see that there are many varieties of Jamón. So, it is actually up to you how you want to taste your dish. But, I am suggesting initially to try it classical with a cold beer (called Cerveza in spanish).

Actually, there are two types of ham, spanish people call it Jamón serrano or Jamón ibérico. Jamón serrano which means ham from the mountains is a type of dry cured Jamón and is made of several different breeds of white pigs. On the other hand Jamón ibérico, this type of Jamón is produced in Spain and Portugal (iberian peninsula) made of black iberian pigs, or a mixture of pigs but at least 50% iberico.

The Jamón, has a historical importance in the spanish History and was always an important food for the folk especially in the north part of Spain. 

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