Heading to a Vineyard in Tekirdag at the shores of the Marmara Sea

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

A sunny day with a clear sky in Istanbul pushed us to move to the northern shores of the Marmara Sea. After an one hour car trip we arrived to the Tekirdag Region which is also known as the Eastern Thrace in history. Spring is everywhere and nature is awaking, all fields are covered with Canola which is on blossom time and its yellow flowers are like carpets lying on the ground. After canola is harvested, sunflower is planted and the area keeps it yellow color on the landscape until late summer days.

Vineyards are also placed on the hills of Tekirdag which are facing towards the Marmara Sea. Viticulture is developed here in this part of Turkey with historical influences which is going back to Roman and Byzantine times. 

Wine grapes are the most produced fruit in the province. In other words viniculture is quite common in Tekirdag. Therefore, there are several vineyards in this region which can be visited, we took the one which is called Barel Vineyard.

After a quick excursion, we enjoyed the atmosphere, weather and of course some bottles of wine. It was really delightful to feel and smell the nature with the breeze coming from the sea and the fertile soil in the air. We met also many new people coming from Bulgaria and Greece. These two European Countries have border to Turkey and can be reached from Tekirdag within one and half hour trip by car.

You can taste all wines which are produced here :

Some of them are as follows;

Maa brand,

Barel Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon &

Merlot blends

Syrah blends

Barel Vineyards Syrah

Barel Reserve wine

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