For German Born people the Black Forest can have two different meanings one mysterious and one sweet

As a German born I can say that when it is the case people are speaking about Schwarzwald (the Black Forest) than there is the possibility that young German people or even Adults can understand two different things as I did in my childhood.

First, the well known Black Forest (Schwarzwald) where I was thinking that all Grimms' Fairy Tales, the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Hansel and Gretel and other fairy tales happened here. Furthermore, the home of the famous Cuckoo Clock, which was a must have for almost all German homes in the 70's. In addition I was thinking that all mushrooms came from this forest to the markets. Especially the one which is red and has white dots, namely the Fly Agaric and is poisonous.

The Black Forest is the most important forest of Germany and is the largest theme park of Europe. The forest consists of different kind of trees especially Scots pine, Oaks and Elms which can be seen at varying altitudes. This is because the location of the forest is in a mountain region of Germany where the highest point is in Feldberg (4,898 feet). This mountain is the highest one outside of the Alps and offer very stunning and picturesque panoramic views with lakes and valleys. The Schwarzwald covers an area of 365,000 ha and is starting from Baden-Würtemberg located in the southwest of Germany which is very close to Switzerland and France. Then stretching from the western and southern side to Baden-Baden to the Swiss border along the Rine River which determines the size of the forest.

Black Forest Maps :

Second, the Black Forest Cherry Cake, in German Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. This cake is really famous and is maybe the famousest one in Germany which was filling my dreams in my childhood. I could eat every day of it. Chocolate cake, cream and delicious juicy cheeries. I am sure not only children are adoring this cake, I saw many times person who were eating the cake with a cup of filter coffee and having some gossips while enjoying it. In case you are going to visit Germany please try to eat it and close your eyes and you will feel what I am talking about.

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