Drinking an ice cold beer at the pool after a long stressful busy day

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The day started as usual early in the morning with one hour of running. I was the only one on the path, normally we are in three or five. The weather today was bit rainy and cloudy in the morning I think that's way. After taking shower and having breakfast I headed to the office doing the daily program. The office is only 10 min far from our home. I was lucky today because I was the whole day in the office preparing things for the clients and planning my trip for tomorrow.

The city in which I live is one of the most crowded cities on the planet with the name Istanbul. The official population is about 15 million but including the unregistered and the daily flow to the city it is reaching 18 million. This means a lot of traffic, exactly speaking traffic of 24 hour every day.

Anyway, I am now enjoying may Corona (my prefered one of work), which is said to be the "Cereveza Mas Fina". In case your in this city just come and let's have one together...

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