Cappadocia Land of Caves and Fairy Chimneys

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The nature has played here its masterpiece by shaping the volcanic eruptions with the help of wind, rain and erosion. It formed the landscape into a labirent of valleys and fairy chimneys. The rock formation named as the "Fairy Chimneys", in Turkish "Peri Bacaları", has a remarkable impact on the beautiful view over the area. As they were soldiers waiting and protecting the Land from their enemies for the first impact of enemies. There three non-active volcanos in the region, Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan and Mount Melendiz.

The area is dating back to pre-historic times starting from Hatti culture (2500-2000 BC). Since Anatolian was always a gateway for trade and settlement center many civilization passed through this region like, Hittites, Assyrians, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians. In AD 17 the region became a Roman province, trade and military routes were built. The first Christian influence came during Byzantine time. Cappadocia thus became a melting pot, many variety of ethnic groups have influenced the culture and religious beliefs of the region.

Must see places in Cappadocia

1 - Göreme Open Air Museum

The Göreme Open-Air Museum is a World Heritage (list 357) site which has the best collection of living quar