Buying new harvested Organic Zucchini right from the field with its flowers still on its top

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

An other working day out of the city which was well organized just from the day before. The earlier the better is my motto especially when it is the last working day of the week. Coming back to the point of this writing, the soils of this region of Turkey is so much fertile that the city Adana is taking the advantage to have always fresh and healthy vegetables and of course fruits. There is always something planted on the fields and at the same time something which is harvested. It has a circulation of almost 10 month a year.

So the situation was when I was driving to an appointment to the village Tarsus which is a province of city Mersin. While passing the fields I recognized that workers are already on the field, most probably before sunrise, and are harvesting vegetables. I took a look and saw at a glance that it was zucchini and cucumber. I stopped and wanted to check at their selling point. 

The vegetables were appearing so fresh that I couldn't avoid to buy some. The colors were fresh and strong that we are never seeing them like I was seeing them at that right moment. Because those vegetables land at the market the same day at the evening or the day after in any location of Turkey which are not that much fresh. Especially the zucchini and its flowers still on its top was a different kind of experience. When I am considering how much they cost in the market separately, incredible.

So I was the lucky one to buy and taste them, I bought the whole zucchinis which were around two kilograms for five Turkish Liras ( equal to 0,85 USD ) and I took one organic cucumber (free of charge) and ate it on my way to the appointment. It was so delicious and fresh that my body refreshed itself in each of its cells.

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