A field of thousands of Sunflowers like a Universe with millions of Suns following one unique point

Last summer we went to Adana to my home town where I was born in 2004, it is the fourth biggest city in Turkey which is located in the south in the Mediterranean Region. We are visiting it every year at least twice for holiday for visiting grandma and grandpa and of course all my lovely cousins. Because we are a very big family and I love to be with them.

It was my first time to see a sunflower field. I was close to all the flowers, in middle of the field, which were surrounding me. Touching, feeling and smelling them under the heat of  the sunny day. I closed my eyes and had still the yellow flowers everywhere on a black ground it was like as there were millions of Suns in the universe. By the way Adana is the hottest city of Turkey. 

The colors of the flowers were in harmony creating the beautiful flower. Sunflowers are like big daisy flowers of bright strong yellow petals. The browny center which is full of the seeds are shaped in harmony as well. Since I am interested in painting I decided to paint something very quick because I remembered the Sunflower painting of Van Gogh.

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