One of the most visited lakes of Europe is the Garda Lake in Italy

Sunset at Garda Lake

Lago di Garda as the Italians call it, is one of the most visited lakes of Europe. With its unique location and 25 villages around the lake is Garda attracting many visitors from Europe as well as from countries which are not belonging to the Union. The lake is a all year visited lake and is hosting many events, first it has a mild climate (Mediterrenean Climate) which is warm in Summer and not that much cold in winter. Due to this advantage the cultivation of local plants and products which are famous and well known all over the World. Depending on the season you can easily find and harvest olives, oranges, lemons, grapes of the vineyards and truffles. Second, the lake offers and has many picturesque places which makes the lake a plus for all kind of interests. Historical monuments like castles and ruins of fortresses are inspiring every visitor.

As mentioned the lake covers a wide range of land which starts from northern Italy and is close to the cities Verona, Mantua and Brescia. As can be seen from the map below in the south is located the town Sirmione which is naturally located inside the lake and was protected by the Fortress Rocca Scagliare (picture number 4, see above). In the north at the northern shores is dominating city Riva. A unique place with strong wind conditions, is Riva a popular destination for surfers. The Lake Garda is nominated as the biggest lake in Italy, it is covering a surface of approx. 370 square kilometers and is 65 meters above sea level.

Map of Lake Garda

It has five islands which are located within the 17,2 km width and 51,6 km lenght. The islands are named, Isola del Garda, Isola dell’Olivo, Isola di Sogno, Isola di Trimelone and Isola San Biagio.

The islands offers very interesting and charming occasions for luxurious visitors stays like adventure sports and yachting. In addition to these, getting married in of the islands is also very famous.

Lago di Garda is well connected with all kind of transportation and can be reach very easily from every part of the country and even from abroad. It is located in the Lombardy region of north of Italy and is connected via the motorway A4 to Milano and Venice.

Interesting facts of the Lake :

* Birth place of the instrument Violin

Gasparo De Salo, was born at Salo on Lake Garda in 1540.

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