Healthy Life, the most important Meal of the day is said to be the Breakfast

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

A breakfast plate with a view to Cappadocia

There are many variations about the way doing diets, loosing weights, be in shape, getting daily nutrition or even put on more weight. Since the need or fact can change from person to person there are a lot of believes and proven facts to achieve the desired results. But, in the end the program or habit having the daily nutrition is affecting a lot.

I have been to many places and recognized that breakfast ceremony is changing from country to country depending on there culture, traditions, daily routines and even believes of having meals during the day.

Some countries are putting the breakfast at the top of the daily food and people don't leave their homes not before having done breakfast alone or with all family members. On the other hand there are countries where people just leave their homes right after getting of bed and having a cup of espresso with one croissant or just straight. Sure there are many reasons way people behave in this way. The main reason is culture, tradition and the way of living.

For example in Turkey doing breakfast is like a ceremony, you will have all types foods starting from cheese, eggs, olives to jams and fruits. Turkish people believe that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because having a good meal in the morning will give you energy for the early morning hours after a long sleep and having some talks with family members before starting the day. Italians on the other hand, prefer to have a cup of single or even double espresso and a croissant in order to awake and get ready for the morning.

According to Dr.Oz,

Skipping breakfast may seem like a quick way to reduce calorie-consumption but studies have linked it with everything from high cholesterol levels to weight-gain. Eating a meal in the morning has been shown to help decrease hunger and control cravings. Start your day off right with one of these Oz-approved breakfasts.

I am sure that after having read this article you will also check how it was in other parts of the world when you were on a vacation or a business trip. Therefore, here are some breakfast habit or traditions from some countries which will give you an opinion how people starts their day.

  • Germany : Wurst (local sausage), cheese, fresh bread and coffee.

  • France : Croissants straight or with chocolate fillings and coffee.

  • Spain : Cheese, Pan a la Catalana and coffee.

  • Netherlands : Pancakes served with honey, jam or syrup (called stroop) and coffee.

  • England (UK): Scrambled Eggs with ham and coffee.

  • Russia : Pancake (called oladya / оладья) with sour cream, jam, honey and fresh berries and green tea or coffee.

As everybody has recognized from their travels, globalization has changed, integrated cultures and traditions which means that every country is influenced from each other so their breakfast habits.

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