17 years Experience in buying cheap flight tickets gave me the opportunity to Extend my Dream Holida

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When it is the question to go on a vacation, most of us are calculating the enitre costs and check the bugdet for our Dream Holiday for which we have saved maybe our whole life. I am sure that all of us had at least once experienced and recognized that the percentage of the flight tickets are the main costs. In order not to cancel or postpone our vacation let us check how we can reduce the cost of our flight tickets and save some more money.

Over the last 15-20 years the number of airline companies have increased and it is nowadays very easy to fly to almost to all destinations on Earth by using direct or connected flights. Some countries have more than one airline companies which gives us many choice to chooseamong the alternatives.

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17 years of experience in buying cheap flight tickets showed me that with a good and logical planned controlling of all available airlines to our destination can lead us to save money about 30%.

With this additional money I had the chance to extend the holiday, to visit other places and to enjoy the days without any fear of not having money for an additional pleasure.

Steps to follow for buying Cheap Flight Tickets

1 - Things to do in advance while planning the Holiday.

Once your vacation destination is fixed check all available airlines companies which are flying directly and connected to your destinaton. This will give a plenty of alternatives to choose among them. After having the list, reduce these companies to 3-4.

I suggest to be a member for the "Frequent Flyer" program and join the maling list for cheap flights or special offers of these companies. In case you have students travelling with you, don't forget to mention this because sometimes you can get really good discounts or even gratis tickets.

2 - Flexibilitiy of the Travel Dates.

I know that dream holidays are mainly during high season month but don't worry. Even during high season periods, try to be flexible, one or two day postpones can change a lot. Keep also in mind the national holidays at your destination, sometimes flight tickets can triple during these periods because of fully booked planes.

3 - Checking the alternatives Airline Companies to your destination.

Generally, unless there are no discounts or special offers, direct flights are more expensive compared to connected flights. Check connected flights by using two different airlines companies. More than two can cause loosing a lot of time and patience.

Check the following sites to have ideas about connected flights, Star Alliance, One World and SkyScanner.

One advantage of connected flights is in case there is enough time between your flights to visit the connecting city to your destination. Try to experience and visit the city only if you have the proper visa .

4 - Tips and Tricks

And here are some tips and tricks to get cheaper or lower your whole flight ticket expenses.

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  • Book Early.

  • Check last minutes offers.

  • Use your miles and upgrades of your frequent flyer programs.

  • Check ticket prices as individual, family and group.

  • Fly budget carriers.

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