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Major Airline Companies of Europe

Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways at Airport

The most time saving method of reaching destinations in long distance travels is obviously Airline Travels. In addition, it is the most easiest, safest and comfortable way in our century to cross continents. Almost all countries in Europe have their own airline companies with their own flagship and private operating companies as well. This type of transport is becoming more and more important, therefore, airline manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, etc) are constructing and designing special ordered airlines in order to satisfy their clients.

Airline traveling was once a luxury type of travel to reach destinations, but with the increase of population, globalization, and demand it became a travel tool of every type of traveler. There are many airline companies in Europe among which some of them are operating in short distance and others in long distance.

Below is the list of the most known Airline Companies which are operating in Europe.


Austrian Airlines