The Best and Most Dangerous Surfing Location for Extreme Surfers in Portugal

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

NAZARE - XXL wave - WSL Big Wave - October 24, 2016, Full HD

If you are not a fisher or a Professional Surfer than the possibility to know or heard about the town of Portugal is very less. This town Nazaré is famous and unique in many ways. It is located 80 miles north of Lisbon. It doesn’t have architectural treasures or marvelous monuments as we are used to in other Portuguese towns, but it is attracting many tourists and sport addicted people in different ways which makes it a special place to visit.

Due to its unique under water canyon, which is the reason of the Giant Waves, is Nazare a popular destination for Big Wave Surfers from around the World who travel to Praia do Norte in Nazare, central Portugal, for the biggest waves in the world.

In winter time the North Canyon starts to break against the cliffs and the Big Weave are generally expect in November.

Local people have started tow surfing around 2005 but until 2011 it was not that attraction for people. The main attention came when Hawaii’s Garret McNamara towed into the wave and made the Guinness Book of World Records by riding the biggest wave in history.

Redbull Nazare

Redbull Nazare Extreme Experience

Also Redbull is at Nazare and is trying the most to get out of the Giant Waves of the World.

About Nazare....

Nazare in Summer time

A town open to the North Atlantic Ocean has always difficult relationship with the ocean especially when habitants are fisherman. Many stories can be heard and read within the town which goes back to centuries. A lot of families have lost friends and relatives at sea due to the heavy waves and storms.

The wooden traditional boats are still used today, which are colorful painted and narrow with curved prows and decoration.

Nazare has a lot of cafés and restaurants along the seaside. Obviously, most commonly served dishes consist of seafood. The colorful fishing boats are seen on the sand, along with busy fisherman and women who are helping their husbands. Both women and men, they still wear the traditional costumes, with check shirts and trousers. Local women are wearing colorful dresses, with petticoats underneath as well.

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