5 incredible Skiing places in the Alp Mountains of Europe

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

European Alp Mountain Winter Sport Facilities

When it comes to choose a skiing destination for the next winter season than it should be Europe. You have so many alternatives that you will have difficulties to choose one of them which will meet your expectations. Europe offers all type of facilities for skier, snowboarders, freestylers and freeriders. The main resorts are located on the Alps Mountains. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain system which is stretching approx. 1.200 km (750 miles) along entirely in Europe.

Starting from the west to the east, the Alps are part of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania. But, the real Alpine countries are Switzerland and Austria.

Therefore, the main ski resort are considered to be in Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy.

Highest tops in the Alps :

  1. Mont-Blanc - 4.810 m

  2. Weisshorn - 4.506 m

  3. Matterhorn - 4.478 m

  4. Dent Blanche - 4.357 m

  5. Jungfrau Mountain - 4.158 m

  6. ......

As a result, Europe is the best destination in the world for Winter Holidays and Winter Sports. You will find the best places with good snow coverage, excellent facilities and a wide range of choices of activities. There are many possibilities for every type of desire, whether you are an extreme sportsman or you like less energetic activities. Plenty of winter sport facilities, beautiful scenery, breathtaking mountain tops are waiting for you.

Only Switzerland and Austria can be considered true Alpine countries, however. Some 750 miles (1,200 kilometres) long and more than 125 miles wide at their broadest point between Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, and Verona, Italy, the Alps cover more than 80,000 square miles (207,000 square kilometres).

5 best Skiing places in the Alps Mountains of Europe

1. Chamoix-Mont-Blanc, France

Chamoix-Mont-Blanc, France

With the highest top of 4.810 m (15.780 feet) is Mont-Blanc the heaven for skiers. The Chamoix Valley is considered the best freeride place in the world with its five ski resorts, Grand Montets, Les Houches, Le Tour/Balme, La Flegere and Le Brevent.

The valley has a ski route of 20 km covering glaciers, passing crevasses and breathtaking scenery of the Alps. Depending on your proficiency level it is suggested to hire a mount guide. Mont Blanc was first climbed in 1786 and is considered the birthplace of Alpinism.

2. St.Anton, Austria

St.Anton, Austria

Located in the western Austria's Tyrolean Alps (Süd Tirol) is St.Anton a preferred destination of skiers for more than 100 years. St. Anton is at the Arlberg Mountain and is popular for experts and advanced skiers. The Arlberg Ski Club which is famous was established in 1901 and in 2001 the World Championship was held a century later.

The Galzigbahn which is the ski lift of Arlberg is the first one and was opened in the 1930s. St.Anton is today on of the largest and most popular ski resorts in the Alps with many variety of pistes. The slopes which crosses the territory is on the edge between the provinces Tirol and Vorarlberg.

Skiers and snowboarders can access the amazing high slopes quickly and easily by using the Galzigbahn lift. The region offers astonishing views of the surrounding Alp Mountains where beginners can enjoy the slopes and the atmosphere. For intermediate and experts skiers furthers lift are available angive access to the highest point in the resort, 2.811 m Vallugaspitze.

For freestyle skiers and snowboarders there are several funparks, including the famous St Anton Park. Arlberg gets lots of snow in the season, because all the clouds move in from the west and northwest without losing snow before they get stopped by the Arlberg mountains.

3. Kitzbühl, Austria

Kitzbühl, Austria

Kitzbühel, situated on the Hahnekamm mountain is the destination of the most finest and skilled skiers of the world to compete on "Der Streif" which is the actual race course held each year in January.

Considered as the prestigious downhill race on the World Cup circuit, Kitzbühel is attracting also many visitors only to watch the race. There are 54 cable cars and lifts which takes you up to the peak of 2.000 meters. With a total of 179 km best prepared slopes and 36 km of routes are the skiing and snowboarding facilities surrounded with stunning, romantic and picturesques views.

4.Meribel, France

Meribel, France

Méribel, is located in the central of the France's famous "Les Trois Vallees" (Three Valley) skiing zone which is the World Largest Ski Area. Being in the mid point of the Valley, Meribel has "Courchevel" and "La Tania" on its east, "Val Thrones" on the west side. Together they are combining and forming a ski area of 600 km. Altogether there are 16 summits above 2.500 m (8.202 ft) and six glaciers.

The resort is offering areas for both beginners and sportive skiers, but the athletic skiers will feel their self like in heaven. The slopes in Meribel are reachable within three different entries. These are;

* Brides-les-Bains : 600 m (1.968 ft)

* Meribel Center : 1.450 m (4.757 ft)

* Meribel Mottaret : 1.750 m (5.741 ft)

The Vallée de Courchevel – east of Méribel – is especially popular among families and beginners. On the other hand, Vallée des Belleville convinces visitors with its diverse pistes and an early start into the season. Both valleys can be reached comfortably from the summits of Méribel.

5. Gstaad, Switzerland

Ski freerider, Gstaad

Gstaad which is located in the south-west of Switzerland is a lovely region in winter and in summer. Apart of being a wintersport resort destination, Gstaad is a favorite for its agricultural activities where meat and cheese production is at high level with more than seven thousand cows in the region. Chalet architectural style is dominating in the region especially in the center of Gstaad. Some of the building are dating back to the 15th century. Being a famous place for Alpine lifestyle, Gstaad is attracting tourist for more than 100 years.

The region is divided into five attractive side valleys. Due to this fact there are forests, many greeen areas, streams, lakes and mountains all around which are creating a fascinating panorama for its visitors. Having an altitude of 1.000 to 3.000 metres above sea level Gstaad is offering also a positive effect on personal well-being and a travel destination for Relax and Health.

The winter resort area is offering 220 kilometres of slopes. Specialists enjoy themselves in different snow parks or in the extensive freeride and ski touring area. Gstaad is also one of the top cross-country ski areas in the Alps and is considered a tobogganist’s paradise.

In spring and summer days Gstaad is offering hiking, biking and climbing facilities with 300 kilometres of walking tracks which are reachable by up to nine mountain railways for all kind of tourist in any age.

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