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The Best Way to Save on Hotel Reservations

Hotel room with Ocean view

Apart from the airline ticket the second most expensive cost which determines the duration of a vacation is the accommodation costs on hotels. There are many options to find a solution for this matter and lower the expenses on hotels. Airbnb and Hostels are a good option for reducing expenses but just consider that we don't have such an option and we are forced to go for a Hotel.

We are sure that everybody made at least once the experience and recognized that we simple use the hotels rooms for a safety sleep. Generally, our rooms are not occupied during the day when we leave it in the morning for our advance planned day. So, why should we have an expensive room when we are going to use it only for sleeping. Let's check all possible, common options and try to see how you can choose a lower priced hotel room for your Dream Vacation.

1 - Locate the Distance on a Map

The location of the Hotel is determining the price pretty much. Therefore, always check before, if it is necessary to be in the center of the city. Many hotels which are located out side of the cities are offering shuttles which transports guest directly to the city center. Or, there are transportation-rings within Hotel Villages which are having a timetable for daily scheduled routes. In this way you will save money either from transportation or the hotel rates. Google Maps is offering the possibility to check before you book a Hotel.

2 - Hotel Stay bundled with Airfare

After having chosen your travel destination check from local and international Airline Companies whether they are offering bundles which are including the accommodation or not. Nowadays, since competition is high, many airlines are offering such products where hotels are combined together with the ticket. Sometimes, upgrades on tickets can have such advantages. Therefore, check carefully this option to save on hotel reservations. Especially, local airlines of your destination can have such offers in order to attract and increase tourism to their country.

3 - Cancel the Package Deals which you don't need

Some hotels are offering deals that look very interesting and profitable at the very beginning but checking them in more detail there can be found that the special offer contain facilities which you will never need during your stay. So, skipping these deals will reduce the rate of the room or simply choose the most appropriate one for your desires and needs.

4 - About Car Parking

Cruising with a rental car during your stay is always a great opportunity for new discoveries and your are not depending on the regular timetable of public transportation for reaching your destination. But there is the parking problem afterwards when you are back to your hotel. Parking costs can sometimes really hurt, especially when you are in big cosmopolite cities. We recommend to check for hotels which have car parking facilities, have discounts for guests, or check the nearby parking garages for cheaper rates.

5 - Tiny but money saving tips

There is the possibility to over see really money saving issues during your stay which looks not necessary when you take them one by one in consideration.

  • Mention your special occasions like birthdays, honey moon, anniversaries, and special events. Hotels count on these subjects very much. You will get either a discount on your hotel rate or they will surprise you during your stay.

  • If not necessary, don't use the mini bar. The pricelist is always near the refrigerator or on the desk near to you. You will see that the prices are double even sometimes triple compared to the grocery around the corner of the hotel.

  • European countries are using different types of plugs for electrical gadgets. Hotels, have them available at their front desk or reception but are mainly already given out. So, pack an universal plug already when you are still at home. It is really upsetting to face when can not charge your gadgets in late arrivals to the hotel and since it is not a common use it can be very expensive to buy one.

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