Best way to do La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina, a traditional festival of the Valencian Region in Spain. It is held every year on the last wednesday of August in the town called Bunol of Valencia Region.

Actually there is no definitive proof how La Tomatina started, but the tradition of fighting with tomato has taken place in the town Bunol since 1944. The festival was banned during the Franco Years because of ethical and religious significance. Playing with food was always a religious issue (but also ethic) in Christianity as well as in all other Religions. In the 1970's the traditional festival came again on the play ground.

Now, it is a festival which gets participants from all over the World. It is an escape for all the visitors, from daily stress, to have a reason to visit Spain, and enjoy all other opprotunities in the region of Valencia during the summer days. City Bunol has a population of 9.000, but within the festival days, this increases to a significant figure of 30.000. This amount is increasing every year.

The attraction starts around 11 a.m. with bringing down the "Ham" which is placed on a cockaigne pole. People fight and struggle to be the one who will be the reason to let start the festival. The Glorious one is the one who pulls down the ham and the festivals beginns.

Many trucks bring tomatoes into the town center to "Plaza del Pueblo." The tomatoes which are used for this amazing occasion are overmature and are the less expensive ones which are almost not suitable for eating. The signal for the beginning of the fight comes together with a cannon fire. Once the fight begins, people have fun and enjoy the amazing atmosphere by throwing tomatoes to each other.

The spectacle lasts about an hour or two, and it ends with the same noice of the cannon which gives the signal to stop fighting. Then, the cleaning process begins, trucks are cleaning the streets and there are also facilities for the participants to clean themselves or they can enjoy an other opportunity which is the Bunol River.

It is recommended to wear to wear protective safety goggles and gloves.

How to reach Bunol :

By Air :

The closest airport is the "Valencia International Airport" which is two hour away from Bunol. There are connection flight from almost all cities of Spain.

By Train :

Bunol Train Station is connected by trains coming from Valencia, Nord and Utiel; Madrid and Chamartin.

By Car:

Driving directly to Valencia is the most common way to reach Bunol

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