Fairytale Spectacle with Bernina Express in the Swiss Alps

Bernina Express in Winter

Railway journeys have always been an exciting travel for everyone. Especially those ones which include more than several countries. Crossing borders of different countries while experiencing different languages and landscapes. The most known is the "Orient Express" which was also subjected to a novel written by Agatha Christie featuring the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

An other famous one in Europe is the "Bernina Express". It is a spectacle way to cross the Alps. We as "Travel to Europe" team consider this journey as a must do experience, especially in winter when the route is covered with snow and the landscape has a different ambience. Thanks to the modern panoramic cars you can enjoy and take many pictures as you can without any interference.

The route of the Bernina Express is from Chur - St.Moritz - Valposchiavo - Tirano. Within this railway across the Alps the Express is moving softly and gently through splendid scenery. It is passing 55 tunnels and 196 bridges within the alpine landscape around the Albula and Bernina Pass. The RhB (Rhaetian Railway) is reaching 2.253 meters above sea level and at this point is located the facilitiy Ospizio Bernina where you can experience the natural and cultural ambient of the Alps.

An other route of the RhB is performed by the "Glacier Express" which is a 8 hour journey. Though it is called Glacier Express, it is the slowest express train in the world.

This railway passes more than 291 bridges and 91 tunnels including the Rhine Gorge which is Switzerlands Grand Canyon. There are two options for your trip, the first one starts from the famous St. Moritz by passing the Albula Valley. The second one is, you take the regional train from Davos (Davos Platz) across the Wiesen Viaduct to Filisur where you will meet the Glacier Express.

The railway line of PhB from Thusis - Valposchiavo - Tirano has UNESCO World Heritage status.

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