Meteora Greece host for many interest and inspiration for Game of Thrones series

Varlaam Monastry, Meteora, Greece

One of the most popular destinations in Greece apart from seaside and summer destinations are the Orthodox Monasteries. There are several of them which are visited during the whole year. One of the famous is Varlaam Monastry (Barlaam) located in Meteora, in central of Greece. The Meteora, is a rock formation of sandstone peaks and means "suspended in the air".

The great Orthodox Athanasios Koinovitis monk brought an ensemble of followers from Mount Athos (a mountain located in the northeastern of Greece and an important centre of Eastern Orthodox monasticism) to Meteora. He and his group were in search of ascetic hermits that had established a religious fortress in the territory. All these dates back to the 14th century, when he came to that particular place of rock formation which needed special skills to reach the stronghold.

He was fascinated by the hermits rock climbing skills which allowed them to survive in the caves and naturally formed fissure at the peak of the region. When he saw these abilities of the monks, it gave him the idea to built a monastry at the tops of the rocks. This was the opportunity to create their own heaven where they could meditate and worship in peace. So, the first Meteoron Monastery was born during 1356 and 1372.