10 most marvelous Cliffs of Europe

Cliffs of Dover, UK

Cliffs have always been stunning places for civilizations over centuries. For seamen it was the proof of arriving home and for some countries the natural barriers and block against the enemies in war. Artists and writers got inspired of the magnificent colosal wonders. It is challenging extreme sport executors like base jumpers or climbers. Nature has formed them with power where rock exposures are nearly vertical. They are formed as erosion landforms by the work of weathering and erosion or earthquakes and landslides. Cliffs, generally, are on coasts, along rivers, in mountains and as the wall of canyons. In Europe, cliffs are mainly situated on coasts but the tallest one which is the "Troll Wall" (Norway) is at the Fjords.

"Here are the 10 Most Marvelous Cliffs of Europe"

1 - Cliffs of Dover, UK

Cliffs of Dover UK