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Best initial foreign language teacher is Traveling

tips for learning foreign langugae while traveling

Understanding each other has always been a problem since mankind has started to discover the unknown of the New World. Communication was the key in order to make progress in increasing relations, building up negotiations without any need of violence. Even explorer Christopher Columbus' first problem was communicating when he landed at the Bahama Islands.

There was always the desire to have a unique spoken language on mother earth but unfortunately it's not like this. According to the records there are 7099 languages in the World, one third of these are at risk because they have less than 1.000 speakers remaining. More than half of the world's population are communicating in 23 languages.

Being able to speak many languages is something no one is able to do unless you are a linguistic person. Speaking more than three or four languages is every ones desire but there are many handicaps which people are facing during daily life. However, when it comes to traveling to a foreign country, being able to speak the language of the new country is a huge advantage because communication builds an automatic trust between locals and traveller.

7 Tips for Learning Foreign Language while Traveling

Not everybody can be linguistic but each one of You can learn a foreign language, it doesn't matter how old you are. It is important to do the first step and set a goal to learn continuously. Don't forget that the most common spoken languages are from the same family and are similliar to each other like Italian, French and Spanish. These three languages are Latin based and learning one of them will help you to learn or understand the other one easier.