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Traveling means making New Friends and sharing Splendid Moments

Make friend while travelling

Sometimes it is difficult to decide to travel alone (solo) because you may have some doubts and fears. Or, you really want to be alone just to escape from your daily routine life and be for yourself. Though you have decided to be alone you will start to make new acquaintacy with people starting the very first moment of your journey.

Making Friends and Sharing Splendid Moments

When you are planing your trip, you will make plans regarding how to move on, accommodation and your travelling type. Each of these points are opportunities to meet new people and socialize during your journey. Therefore, when you make your travel arrangements, try to find and choose options that give possibilities to simplify social interactions.

Here are simply 4 tips to make friends.

1. Accomodation

Try to stay in hostel rather than a hotel. First, it's cheaper and since you will share a room with 3-5 persons you will have automatically social activities with new people. Sure, if you want more privacy, in many hostels across Europe you can rent a single room.

2. A more private social accomodation would be renting a room in somebody’s home.

Using international websites like AirBnb. This type of accomodation has really nice advantages which will give you the chance to meet a local persons. In this way you can learn a new language or practise the particular language more easier, spend time with them and get tips regarding the city.

3. While exploring the city take guide tours.

It doesn't matter whether your are on solo trip or not. You can do your exploration with people together who are as well going for a sightseeing or excursion. You will be part of a group of tourists with a guide. In this way you will get comprehensive information about the places you are seeing, and you will get to socialize with the other tourirsts. You never know, maybe there is or are people who share the same feelings or have the same interest like you.

4. When moving between destinations take the bus or train instead of renting a car.

While planning to reach other cities, renting a car gives you no social opportunity. Considering the social perspective, a much better choice is to use public transportation, which gives you opportunities to talk with new people and make friends. Buses or trains are the best social places you can ever imagine. You will be fascinated to see the colorful people around you who are chasing the next vehicle at stations or terminal. Be sure, someone will ask you for direction. It is really fun.

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