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The Devil's Bible known as The Codex Giga is in Stockholm's National Library

Codex Giga is in Stockholms National Library

The National Library of Stockholm has in its archives the famous "Codex Gigas" or the so called Devil’s Bible. To the end of the Thirty Year's War (July 1648) the Swedish army plundered the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague. Among the treasures of the loot they brought the Giant Book to Sweden.

Benedict writing codex giga

The Codex is the largest medieval manuscript in the World. It is famous of its size, the era when it was written and because of its content. The Devil's Bible has a dimension of 36 inch. tallness, 20 inch. wideness and it is 8,7 inch. thickness. Originally, it was made of 320 pages but the current version has only 310. The last 10 pages were removed from the book of unknown reasons.

The book is an art work of history and contains the followings :

  • The entire Old Testament (Christian Bible).

  • The Jewish War

  • Jewish Antiquities by Flavius Josephus (37-100 AD).

  • An encyclopedia by St.Isidor of Seville (560-636).

  • The Chronicle of Bohemia by monk Cosmas from Prague (1045-1125)

  • Short texts of medical practices, excorcism and penitence.

  • A Calendar which contains a list of local Bohemian Persons.

  • The missing pages contained information about the Rule of St Benedict, guide to monastic life written in the 6th century.

sample page of codex giga

The original manuscript is no longer on display for the general public. The treasury exhibition is closed.

Therefore, the official site contain a selection of images from the manuscript and presents a short introduction to the manuscript. The Read more section includes a commentary, augmented by a number of transcribed and translated shorter texts. The glossary and biographical addenda can be used as study aids.

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