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Traditional Parisian Cafe Culture which goes back to Centuries

Until to the 17th century coffee was not indroduced to Europe. Coffee came in two ways to the European Continent. First, travelers who have visited Middle Eastern countries probably have visited coffee houses or saw street pedlars selling coffee on the streets. Second, coffee came during the Reign of the Ottoman Empire to Europe. The Ambassador by Suleyman Aga of the Turkish Ottoman Empire brought coffee to the court of Louis XIV and introduced it to the Parisian High Society around 1669.

Seventeen years later, Cafe de Procope, the first cafe was opened in Paris in 1686.

The cafe culture became so popular that it turned to a place for intellectuals where they have debated philosophical subjects, for the innovaters (avant-garde) to show their studies in order to get the reactions at first sight, for artists to get inspirations and compare ideas. Even writers were frequently coming to forget their daily life and relax for a while. Freedom fighters of the French Revolution and later the French Resistance were meeting in cafes to organize and execute their strategies.

When you are now visiting the Parisian Cafes you can see in cafes like Café de Flore or Les Deux Magots plates indicating that famous persons have been there like Hemingway, Sartre and Picasso.

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