Moscow's Metro Stations, Art beneath the City

kievskaya metro station moscow

It began only as a 13 station metro in 1935 during Stalin's USSR time. The total length of the first operational metro was just 11 kilometers with a single line. Now, it's the fourth busiest metro system in the World which is transporting Moscovites from one point to the other. According to the official numbers of 2014 the metro system has a total lenght of 325,40 km and 195 stations.

During the USSR time there was the race with the West to be strong in everything. Therefore, every project which has been planned was extravagant in architecture and in size like the "Ostankino" Tower (televiosion and radio tower). When you visit Russia you will see what we mean.

The Moscow Metro was one of the important architectural projects of USSR. The stations were planned to be constructed as luxurious palaces for the USSR people. Every station had his own story and it was ordered by Stalin to the metro’s artists and architects to design a structure that embodied brilliance and radiant future of the Nation. It had to be a project to be proud and show the power for the coming centuries and remembered forever.

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