5 packing tips from a continous traveler

5 packing tips from a contious traveller

It is really much depending on your baggage how your vacation will end up. To be prepared in advance can help you preventing stress, loosing money, enjoy every moment, even before arriving to your final destination. This list can be written endless and the more you read the more you get confused. We will not confuse you with many steps or conditions for preparing your baggage. We just want that you enjoy your vacation for which you have dreamed, spent money and maybe waited for a long time. Therefore just check the below the basic lessons how to pack as you were travelling continuously.

1. Choose the right lagguage

Depending on the duration of your travel the size of your lagguage is important. In order to have a comfortable and money saving travel it would be wise to choose the right one so that you move on smooth and without any problems. Before deciding please consider the followings.

- You should know your airline's baggage-fee policy.

* What is the allowed max. number of lagguage ?

* What is the allowed max. weight for one lagguage ?

- Will you stay at one location or will you travel around. (a lagguage with strong wheels is always

good for moving on the streets and airports.)

2. Make a packinglist

When it's packing time, there is always the possibility to forget or pack items which you will not need. Start your packing procedure days or even weeks before of your departure date. This will give you time to complete your list and purchase any additional items you might need for your travel. Creating a packing list is a secure way to ensure that you never forget to carry something important. By the way don't forget to consider the weather conditions of your final destination and the power connectors for your electronical devices.

3. Packing your items (pack light)

After having decided to the right lagguage and you prepared your items according to your packing list it is time for packing. Please believe us you don't need to carry as much as you think. Just consider how often you will be seen by the same person so that he can realize that you don't wear daily new clothes. Or, consider you are going on summer holiday and you will be the whole day at the beach. In addition, also consider that you will wear a pair of clothes while you are traveling.

- Carry as much as you can. (next list item, Maximize your personal items).

- To obtain more space don't fold, roll your clothes. In this way you will have less creased, wrinkled

clothes and will have more space for your new bought items from your travel. Anyway, in any

European hotel you will find an iron to use, if not just ask the reception they will bring you one for


- Don't forget you will have also a hand bag where you can put items as well.

- Your shoes should be packed along to the side of the inner lagguage going all around the edge.

We are suggesting to carry three pair of shoes, one suit/dress pair, one casual pair and one

sport pair. Consider that you will wear one of them during your travel.

4. Maximize personal items

Most of the airline companies allow passengers on board with one carry-on plus one personal item which fits under the seat or in the overhead bin. This is a great advantage of the opportunity to stow that additional outfit or personal item that didn't fit in the carry-on. Electronical devices, valuables like travel documents and jewelry should live here so that they are in secure place near you.

5. Never check essential items

It's very important that you keep your valuable and essential belongings in your carry-on bag close to you and not in your checked luggage. Please keep in mind to take the followings with you onto the plane.

- Passport and ID card.

- Your reservation documents, you may need them at the customs. (hotel booking, return flight


- Money & Credit Cards

- Your Jewelry

- Your medicine. (and, if there is need, inform the flight staff if you have to take them at a certain

hour. Please consider time difference in long distance flights)

- Your electronics.

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