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Who were the Vikings ?

The Viking Age

One of the important historical ages in Europe is the "Viking Age"which has a past from AD700 to 1100. During this time span many Vikings left their homelands in Scandinavian and travelled to other countries. They used their longboats and sailed or paddled to countries like Ireland and Britain. For example, there are many traces of Vikings in the Fjord Norway who ruled the country about an era of AD800 to 1066.

The origin of "Viking" comes from a language called "Old Norse" and means "a pirate raid". People who went off raiding in ships were said to be "going Viking".

When the British people saw the Vikings the first time with their longboats they welcome them. But, Vikings fought the local people. Therefore, they called the invaders "Danes", but they came from Norway and Sweden as well as Denmark.

Not all Viking were invaders and came to fight. The peaceful ones came to settle. They were farmers, kept animals and grew crops. In addition, they were very skilful people at crafting, and made beautiful metalwork and wooden carvings. Vikings were also good traders, they sailed the seas for trading goods to buy silver, spices, wine, sliks, etc.

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