Semana Santa 2019 in Andalucia

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Semana Santa ( Holly Week )

Spain is well known for the celebration of Easter. The so called "Semana Santa" is celebrated in almost all Spanish cities during the last week of Lent (period of fasting) before Easter. It is an annual commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholics.

The upcoming Semana Santa, is beginning the 14.04. - 21.04.2019

The preparations for the festives is starting weeks before, even month, the cities are partially decorated and you can feel the mood of religious calmness. During the festives, people carry statues of saints around on floats or wooden platforms which are prepared especially for Easter. During day and evening the celebrations are continuing Church and Cathedral bells are ringing through the streets of the cities. The atmosphere is highly religous which last a week long with a scheduled program until Easter Sunday.

Special costumes which are worne by the marchers are reminiscent of the Klu Kulx Klan. These marchers are representing the Nazarenes who are following the religous fraternities and brotherhoods which are carrying the floats bearing the biblical scene.

The most famous Easter celebrations are held in various Andalucian cities like, Cordoba, Valladolid, Toledo, Malaga, Segovia, Burgos, Zamora and Cuenca.

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