Park Guell Art in Colorfull Mosaics

About Park Guell

park guell salamander

Park Guell is a must see place for Barcelona visitors. You will be amazed of the rainbow colors of Gaudi's Art. The Park is one of the most impressive public parks in Europe. It is located in Barcelona and was designed by architect Antonio Gaudi.

Colorful Mosaic of Gaudi in Park Guell

The idea was to build a residential park for rich families in a confortable environment and which has a picturesque view. The park was a commission given to Antonio Gaudi from the businessman called Eusebi Guell. Gaudi started to work expressing his art in every corner of the complex in 1900. The plan was to build houses for sixty families which ended by 1914. Unfortunately, the project was considered as not successful because of being far from the city center and having faced some difficulties during construction, due to the terrain. After the death of Eusebi Guell his heirs offered the complex to the Barcelona City Council and was the same year (1923) open to public.

The complex's intention was to serve as Guell's private city but became all of Barcelona's and later on World's. The park is one of Gaudi's most colorful works. Just go and see it, touch it, and fall in a color candy paradise while closing your eyes. Park Guell Tickets.

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