Best Rafting Places in Europe

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Best White Water Rafting Places in Europe

best rafting places in europe

Europe has many opportunities to execute also sport activities. There are many possibilities of different type of categories. Europe's nature is full of mountains and rivers which are giving the chance to do Rafting and Canoeing. If you are an adrenaline lower than you will find really nice places to enjoy the challenge of the unknown when the snow is melting with high pressure during May and October.

Below we have listed you some of the places with its "Scale Ratings". We are sure that one of them will meet your expectations.

Rafting Places in Europe

Coruh River, Turkey - Class Rating V

The Coruh is coming to a high speed in May and June, thanks to the melting snow in the Pontic Mountains. The water is running down passing ancient ruins and through wide canyons and valleys. Coruh, is an extreme challange for only hard whitewater fanatics. The area is untouched by tourism and is remote even from the locals, which gives you a rare opportunity to experience the beautiful natural landscape and the traditional life of the friendly and hospital local villagers.

Rhein River, Switzerland - Class Rating III-IV

As one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world, it is not a surprise that it is the same for whitewater rafting. The 12.5 miles (20 km) long Rhein River which is between the cities Ilanz to Reichenau is situated in the gorge Grand Canyon of Switzerland.

Lütchine River, Switzerland - Class Rating III-IV+

Lütchine River is considered the top whitewater river in Swizterland. Here you can find everything from fast flowing alpine rivers with adrenaline packed class IV rapids, to calm floating trips on the famous warm water of the Aare river between cities Thun and Bern.

Noce River, Italy - Class Rating IV-V

In the northeastern area of Italy along the border to Austria and Switzerland is the region called Trentino-Alto Adige. With a breath taking landscape it is a popular skiing destination in winter. In summer, there is a different type of attraction which the "Valley of Sun" (Val di Sole) is calling the rafters and canoers to challenge the Noce River.

Inn River, Austria - Class Rating III-V

The Inn River, which is a tributary of the Danube River flows through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

You can call it as the epicenter of rafting in West-Europe which is situated in the famous Tyrol (Tirol) region of Austria. Professional rafters and kayakers invade the area’s rivers during the summer months to challenge their abilities while on the other hand beginners come to get their first taste of rafting.

Sjoa River, Norway - Class Rating II-IV

The Sjoa River with its beautiful landscape is Scandinavia’s best river for rafting, canyoning and river boarding. Depending on the level the class is changing from II up to V. In addition, there is the possibility of camping on beaches in the Norwegian wilderness, canyons, chutes, and access to numerous other adventure activities.

Dobra River, Croatia - Class Rating IV-V

Dobra River is the second largest river, where the Dobra valley consists of alternating gorges and expansions. Whitewater rafting has only recently caught on in Croatia. The Dobra, which is a dam controlled river, has a number of short Class IV-V.

Rafting Scale of River Difficulty

International Scale of River Difficulty, is the name of the classes of white water. There are six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. The range varies from simple to very dangerous.

  • Class 1 − This type of water is having very small rough areas. The rafters can require either no or little manoeuvring.

  • Class 2 − This water is little more rough in comparison to Type 1. It may contain rocks and very small waves and require manoeuvring.

  • Class 3 − This type of water is called white water having medium waves. The waves are not dangerous but manoeuvring is required.

  • Class 4 − This type of water is called white water having large waves. In addition to that rocks maybe present along with long rapids. Sharp manoeuvring may be needed in this case.

  • Class 5 − In this type of white water there are large waves with high volume. It has the possibility of having large rocks and hazards along with large drops that’s why it requires precise manoeuvring.

  • Class 6 − In this type of white water, non-passable rapids are there which can lead to serious injury or drowning.

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