Choosing Travel Destination

Choosing the Best Travel Destination

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When you are at that certain point to decide your destination of your travel than you are one of the luckiest persons. Because you made the choice to travel which is the most difficult part of your new Journey in Life.

Sure, there are some important parts to consider while deciding for the right destination. Since it is depending on factors like personal travel preference, your interest, the availability of time and your financial budget for the Journey, you should take the most proper alternative which meets all your expectations.

Lets go through step by step so that you can have the perfect destination for your new challenge.

Ask your self several questions...

Making a question-answer list will help you to have an overview and it is one of the most effective ways to come to a solution.

  • What is your reason for traveling (your WHY) ?

Since you already have decided to go on a trip it is not important to ask this question a second time but the answer makes sense of deciding the destination.

Do you travel for:

- having cultural experiences?

- to get away from the daily, routine of life?

- getting familiar with different type food?

- experiencing a new adventure?

- history, where you maybe will learn your origins?

It’s really important you value all these questions and put them on the table and find the right answer. Because it will put more meaning to your trip since you will spend your hard earned money.

  • Who are you traveling with?

The choice of your destination can be really dramatically affected by your travel buddy.

Are you traveling solo, as a family or as a couple ?

In each case there are important points that you should consider to get the most of your travel.

*** Most memorable trips are those where each family member gets to experience something they love. Therefore, sit down with your kids and discuss your ideas, desires and interests.

*** Talking about your individual desires and expectations when you are traveling as a couple is very important. Besides, be clear on what you both want and make the decision that will suit both of you.

  • What kind of experience do you prefer to face during your Travel ?

This decision will be affected from your everyday life, the experience you would like to have and of course of your personal preferences. There can be made a list of many options but the most common type of preferences are like;

Travel destination

Which one do you prefer:

- Adventure or relaxation ?

- Cities, countryside or Road trip ?

- Beaches or mountains ?

- Health or medical treatment ?

- Festivals and cultural experiences ?

- Shopping or food experiences ?

- Luxury, mid-range, or budget ?

  • How much time do you have ?

Short Travels of 1-2 weeks :

  • Less time for moving to several cities .

  • Choose only 1 country or region.

  • You’re likely to spend more money in order to save time.

  • Most probably you will exhausted if you are going to stuff a lot of activities.

  • More likely to visit those countries that are more expensive.

  • You will have a rigid schedule to do things booked in advance.

Long-term Travels of 2 weeks and more:​

  • Will allow you more time for traveling between cities and Regions.

  • Be able to visit multiple regions/countries.

  • Will sacrifice time in order to save money.

  • Be alerted of your budget to finding deals.

  • Concentrate on packing light.

  • You will be more flexibility in your schedule

What Is Your Budget?

There is always a choice for your budget whatever your travel destination is. It is preferred to do reservations in advance in order to be satisfied what you are choosing, especially when you are long-term traveling.

Carefully consider the strength of the currency, sometimes fluctuations can harm or on the other side even help to save some money for extra things.

  • What Seasons do You Prefer?

Are you a summer or winter person ?

Families mainly prefer summer because of their children to do more outdoors and travel lighter.

Depending on your preferences the season can change up to your choice. Just keep in mind to select the right timing not to waste a lot of money.

  • A good options is Traveling in the Off-Season

Instead of thinking too much about the location of your next travel destination, let the cheap flights make up your mind for you.

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