Octoberfest - Munich / Germany

Octoberfest 2017

Octoberfest 2017

Munich is again the place where the spectacle will take place. The famous Octoberfest will be held this year starting the 16th of September until the 3rd of October. The official opening ceremonies will be at the "Schottenhamel" Tent. If you want a good place than it is suggested to arrive around 9 am to secure a good seating place.

Beer serving Lady at Octoberfest

The largest and traditional breweries invite you to join the festivities. Join the crowded and take your seat. Especially drink beer which is served in a glass which is called Maß. The Maß (Mass) is the Bavarian language word describing for the amount of beer. One Maß is exactly 1 liter (33.8 US fl oz.). Don't forget to eat a Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Bretzel together with the beer or chicken prepared with special herbs and recipe.

Beer Tent one of the participating Breweries

The festival is not popular only for the beer tents, traditional outfits and cuisine but also for the amusement park. The Luna Park is rich in attractions for children, families and for those ones who are looking for adrenalin. The amusement park opens daily from 10 am until midnight. For more information and tips you can use their apps which is available for android devices and iphone and ipads.

Luna Park at Octoberfest

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