Mussels Dishes - Specialty of Belgium

Updated: Sep 11

Mussels Specialty of Belgium

Eat Mussels in Belgium

When it comes to the classic dish of Belgian cuisine, mussels and fries (moules-frites) is certainly a popular choice. From the Belgian coast to the country especially to Brussles. Most people are familiar with the large steaming pots laden with mussels coated with a white wine sauce and drizzled with fresh herbs and vegetables. Mussels dishes have many varieties.

Mussels prepared with White Wine

Mussels Dishes

The most common Blue or European mussels have sleek, shiny shells and tender, nutritious flesh. Like oysters, they are indiscriminate feeders and must be gathered from unpolluted waters. It is because of this that most mussels that you find in supermarkets and fishmongers are farmed. Peak season for fresh mussels is October to March.

The most common menu or dish for mussels, fries and a cold beer.