Valletta Capital City of Malta

Malta the Island in the Mediterranean

Valletta view from Sea

With its position in central Mediterranean, Malta has always attracted the attention of every Empire. The country consists of a group of island in the Mediterranean sea which is located between Italy (Sicily) and North African. The Malta islands are consisting of three big and two smaller islands. The name of the big islands are Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Valletta Capital City of Malta.

According to the 2016 figures, Malta has a population of 436.947 citizens. The capital city is "Valetta" and Malta is European Union member since 2004. Almost half of Malta's population live in the capital. Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. Maltese is spoken by almost the entire population of Malta. Almost 90% of the population speak English.

Valletta Capital City of Malta

Valletta has many titles because of its rich history. Fortress City, a modern city built by Knights or "a city built for gentlemen for gentlemen" are some of them. In addition, it is a World Heritage City. Valletta is the heart of the whole islands, living, working and administration and commerce is here. The life of Malta is perfectly reflected here in the best way. The city is reflecting a Baroque style architecture and every corner is like a scene of an art painting. You will feel the difference while walking around the narrow streets.

Places to visit in Valletta

  • St.John Cathedral

St. John’s Co-Cathedral was built between 1573-1578 by the Knights of Malta. It was designed by military architect Girolamo Cassar who designed also other important buildings in Malta. The Cathedral is considered one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture. It consists of eight chapels dedicated to each of the patron saints of each section of the knights. The marble floor is a series of tombs which is hosting almost 400 knights. In addition to the tombs, there is also a crypt beneath the cathedral.

  • The Grand Harbour

The Grand Harbour has played always an important role in history due to its location. It is a natural harbor and at the same time deep which served as a refuge for many ships. The physical features of the harbor remained almost the same for centuries.

The sea traffic in the grand harbor is today shaped by commercial and non-commercial ships. It is a great attraction people when their vessels are arriving and they are seeing the breathtaking views of buildings at a glance.

  • Grandmaster Palace

For 350 years the Grandmaster Palace has been the administrative center. It was built in 1571 and was at that time the seat of Grand Master of the Knights Hospitallers. The structure served as the Governor's palace during the British Colonial time. Today it is the office of the President of the Republic of Malta.

Life in Valletta

  • Valletta Waterfront (Pinto Wharf)

Valletta Waterfront, Pinto Wharf - Valletta Capital City of Malta

A great and magically view of the Old and New Worlds combination. The newly renovated Baroque Pinto Wharf was built by Manuel Pinto da Fonseca in the 18th century. The structure originally consisted of nineteen warehouses with the intention to provide an easy commercial thoroughfare from the docks to the capital city. Today it is a fashionable area to shop, dine and other attractions.

  • Casa Rocca Piccola

A house where antique and modern nobility is together. Casa Rocca Piccola is still the home of the "Maltese de Piro" family. The Palace built in the 16th century belonged to the family for over 200 years.

Attraction in Valletta

  • The Manoel Theatre (Teatru Manoel)

One of the oldest working theatres in Europe is the Manoel Theatre which was constructed in 1731 by the Architect Manoel de Vilhena. The Baroque styled building was made for the entertainment of the Knights. Apart from a visit to theatre try to be visiting a spectacle. International and local performers are taking place in the events who are filling the seasonal calendar with many interesting plays.

  • Caffe Cordina and Maltese Balconies

Caffe Cordina, Valletta

Caffe Cordina is an excellence over 175 years. It is located in an old palazzo in the streets of Valletta. The Caffe occupies a special place in the hearts of local and foreign visitors. While tracing back to its origins it began as a small tea shop in Bormla. Since that time it has grown into the Maltese icon.

Traditional Maltese Balconies are defining the character of the Maltese landscape and Urban. The balconies are dominating the streets through their impressive colors, textures, materials and decorative motives. This tradition is changing from street to street or even between districts and is enriching the visual aspect of the streets.

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