The Eden Project - Cornwall / UK

The Eden Project in Cornwall / UK

Eden Project - Cornwall UK

The first ideas of the Eden Project were drawn and designed on napkins over a drink in a pub in 1996. Afterwards the Architect firm Grimshaw gets behind the project. Because of the uneven and shaped surface the the design of the structure evolved in to huge bubbles. The project is located in Cornwall / UK.

Eden Project Interior

Inspiration and Architecture

There are two Biome buildings which are Rainforest Biome and the Mediterranean Biome. Each of them consists of several domes which are joined together. The architecture of the project is unique which is inspired by the nature. It has a Contex-specific design and all buildings are Low-energy buildings.

The project aims how mankind can work towards a better future.

Eden Project Interior Flowers

Visitors are walking among the flowers inside one of the biodomes. On the first days of spring in March 2009. After one of the coldest winters for decades many plants both inside and outside the biodomes are in full bloom due to the recent mild weather. The masterpiece in Cornwall, which opened in year 2001, has attracted millions of visitors up to now.

Eden Project - Bodypainting Festival

The Eden Project is also hosting the annual BodyFactory International Body Painting Festival. The upcoming festival which will be held during the dates 22-24 of September 2017 is ready for the visitors.

Eden Projeject Mine

This hole became after hard and long working the a beautiful Eden Project.

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