Rakotz Bridge (Devil's Bridge) - Germany

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History of Rakotz Bridge

Rakotz Bridge, Kromlau,Saxony, Germany

It is always a great attraction of the nature while using his circumstance to express and impress itself. The Rakotz Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) is such a place where the nature is playing his power and poetry. It is fascinating to see how in each season a different beauty is coming out. It is the right place for novel writers and as well as for the poem writers. And, let's do not forget the Lovers.....

Rakotz Bridge under rain

Kromlauer Park which has about 200 acres of land is the destination where to find the bridge. Kromlau city is in Saxony Region of Germany and is near to city Cottbus. The bridge was built almost 157 years ago in 1860. The bridge is built out of local stones and were positioned in a perfect way so that it became a Masterpiece.

Rokatz Bridge in Winter Under Snow

The appearance and atmosphere will give you feeling of a Fairytale. When you are there, you can be the character which you have always dreamed about. You can be the handsome Prince or the beautiful Princess who is looking for Love or help or even the wicked Witch. You will feel yourself in the Medieval age at any time of the season, it does not matter who your are.


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