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French Cheese - Delicacies from France

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

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Delicacies of France - French Cheese

French cheeses aren’t limited to a few regions, they come from all over France, with each region making certain types of cheese. Some of the most popular regions for cheese include Burgundy (central-east), Normandy (northwest), and the Alps (southeast). French cheese can be divided into three types: hard, soft, and blue, all of which are comprised of many varieties. Cheese can also be made from three different types of milk: cow, sheep, and goat.

Well known French Cheese types

Most popular french cheeses are shown on the board.

Assortment of Cheese and Red Wine

Gourmet Cheeseplate with Wine

A tasty looking cheese board filled with an assortment of fine cheeses and served with dessert red wine.

Most popular French Chesses

French Morbier Cheese

The "Morbier" Cheese

Morbier is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese named after the small village of Morbier in Franche-Comté. The cheese has an ivory colour, and it is a bit soft and fairly elastic. It gets immediately identified because of its black layer of tasteless ash, which separates horizontally in the middle.

French Roquefort Cheese

The "Roquefort" Cheese

Roquefort is a popular French cheese, known to be a favorite of Emperor Charlemagne. In France, it is called the 'cheese of kings and popes'. This cheese is protected by AOC guidelines. Roquefort cheese is moist and breaks into little pieces easily. Genuine Roquefort is rich, creamy and sharp, tangy, salty in flavour. It is aged for 5 months. It is also mostly used in salads and dressings.

French Boursin Cheese

The "Boursin" Cheese

Boursin is a creamy, spreadable brand of Gournay cheese invented by Francois Boursin in 1957. Boursin is a fresh cream and soft cheese, flavoured with herbs and spices. Although, it is just an herb-flavoured French cream cheese that can be easily imitated, only Boursin with its buttery flavour and slightly crumbly texture can be labeled as an “All natural Gournay cheese”.

French Cammbert Cheese

The "Camembert" Cheese

Marie Harel created the original Camembert cheese from raw milk in Normandy, France in 1791. The fresh Camembert cheese is bland, hard and crumbly in texture. Young Camembert has a milky and sweet taste. As the cheese matures it forms a smooth, runny interior and a white bloomy rind that is typical to Camembert cheese. It has a rich, buttery flavour. The rind is bloomy white caused by a white fungus, called penicillium candidum.The rind is meant to be eaten with the cheese.


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